We have 19 years of experience in the event business and manage 5 restaurants and beaches across the french riviera.


Paloma Events,  is the expertise and knowlegde of Paloma Beach right at your door step.

We are passionate and meticulous with high problem solving skills we make your dream event come true.

We possess  the logistic means to addapt to any location or venue of your choice : Villa, garden, office, restaurant, square, exhibition hall etc...

We pass on to our team the passion and fundamental values of service for the success of your event.







Why choose us ?


The upmost quality of our locally sourced products

We are available and listen to your every need

The wisdom of 19 years of experience

Being flexible and problem solving

The energy and passion of a devoted team

Our All inclusive rates and competitivity




Paloma is here to help


 For your corporate or family events,  from catering service to corcert organization, we cover your every need.


We possess four areas of expertise :

 -Corporate and family events.

 -Catering service

 -On site restaurant


 We created all inclusive packages to fit your needs

Mais l'organisation d'évènements « sur mesure » reste notre point fort.




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Our goal is to make it easy for you in the planning of your event, managing every aspect of it with the assurance of a high quality service, and the upmost respect of sanitaion and security rules.

Our catering service will manage your entire event : decoration, logistics, personnel, rental of equipement, buffet or seating service, aniamtions, activities ...



Paloma Events

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